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Hartford, CT

The charity Dungeons of Hope supports is the South Park Inn.


South Park Inn provides a continuum of services from street outreach and emergency shelter to transitional and permanent housing. While staying at South Park Inn, residents’ needs are met and they together work to overcome the problems that led to their homelessness.

The work that is done by the South Park Inn team is truly outstanding. Not only do they help individuals, families, and veterans get off the streets, but their focus has always been to help these folks get back on their feet. Their impact in the Hartford region over the years is truly immeasurable. This is why Dungeons of Hope has decided to help this deserving charity organization.

Please visit the website for more information.

We encourage you to watch the video!

Together Finding A Way Home

"Offering shelter and personalized support to each of the men, women, and children that we serve. Our mission is to help people who are homeless to improve their lives by providing temporary and long-term housing and supportive services" - South Park Inn

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