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Bringing Change, One Game at a Time

Dungeons of Hope 2017 31.JPG


The Start To Change

This year marked the very first DOH event that ended with lots of smiles and an incredible outcome for the organization's kick-off. Hosted at Jay Timothy's in CT, we were able to team up with various sponsors and found 16 awesome participants. With their help, we raised $3,200 and had a great time while doing so.

A special thank you to all that made this become a reality. 


Continuing To Grow

2018 showed the promising future of this organization with the growing amount of both participants and sponsors. We had 20 amazing heroes, many returning from the previous year, showing a true passion for the game as well as helping our community. As a team, we raised $5,130. The South Park Inn was overwhelmed and we could not wait for the following year to grow even further.



Establishing Our Organization

At our most recent event, it was incredible to see the amount of returning players. Some are making this an annual tradition! We were also lucky to have a generous amount of sponsors that donated directly towards our cause and provided incredible prizes for all our players. Not only that, we were also joined by the game maker himself, Stephen Baker who's shown holding the prize, hand-crafted sword above. It was an honor to have been joined by the man who created the game Hero Quest that allowed us to start such a powerful cause.   

We were able to raise a record-breaking $6,800 with all the support and could not be more thankful for those who were involved- sponsors, players, and volunteers. 

South Park Inn Thank You Letter


September 2018

Dungeons of Hope was at Retro World Expo to promote our yearly gaming event. We had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people.  Shout outs to Rhythm & Pixels for playing a game with us, Connecticut Ghost Busters, Nick Caito for being a Zargon for two games on Saturday, and Joe Murphy for hooking Adam up with a sweet X-Men Tattoo.


Each month Dungeons of Hope works with Brian at the South Park Inn to hold a game night. These nights we play games of all types with the men, women, and children of the South Park Inn.

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